Where does the money for the HomeWarming program come from? 

Posted on: December 1, 2016

HomeWarming is offered by Efficiency Nova Scotia as part of a broad, province-wide initiative to provide energy efficient upgrades to income-qualified homeowners.

HomeWarming is proudly sponsored by Nova Scotia Power and the Province of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Power volunteered to fund $37 Million for a 10-year, low-income energy efficiency program for electrically heated homes. The cost of the program will be a charitable contribution by the company, and not recovered from ratepayers. This support started in 2015.

The Province of Nova Scotia continues to fund non-electric low-income energy efficiency programs. The Province is committed to helping the more than 22,000 low-income homeowners lower their energy bills through this investment.

Over 16,000 households have benefited through HomeWarming and previous low-income programs since 2007, when government began funding them through various initiatives.

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