• HomeWarming offers no-charge energy assessments and free home upgrades to eligible Nova Scotians.

    It’s important to us that people living on lower incomes benefit from energy efficiency and feel comfortable at home. That’s why we offer a no-charge energy assessment and potential upgrades to income-qualified homeowners.

    If we discover that draft-proofing, insulation or other efficiency options can help make heating & cooling your home substantially more affordable and comfortable, we’ll install the upgrades at no cost to you. We’ll even coordinate the retrofits.


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  • Can I apply?

    You can apply for the HomeWarming program if:

    • Your total family net income is within the levels shown in the Income Qualification Chart. (Net income is usually lower than gross income.)

    • You own a single-unit home located in Nova Scotia and can provide proof of ownership.

    • You live in your home year-round, it is your current primary residence and you do not plan to sell it in the near future.

    • Your home has not already been upgraded through HomeWarming or the Low Income Homeowner Service.

    Copies of documentation must be submitted with your application.

    Number of people living in your home

    • 1 person $26,365
    • 2 to 4 people $48,991
    • 5 or more people $69,770

    Maximum annual household income

    Line 236 from your Notice of Assessment. (TIP: This is your Net Income, which is usually lower than your Total Income.)

    The table above shows the Maximum annual household income eligible for the Number of people living in your home (Line 236 from your Notice of Assessment).

    The Income Qualification Chart is based on Low Income Cut-off figures set by Statistics Canada. Your maximum household net income is the amount on Line 236 of your most recent Tax Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency.

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We've completed thousands of energy efficiency assessments and upgrades in homes across the province. Meet some of the people who are warming up with us in the winter - and chilling out with us in the summer.

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HomeWarming helps eligible Nova Scotians save money on heating bills, feel more comfortable year-round, and reduce their carbon footprint. It might sound too good to be true, but if you qualify, it really isn’t. We’re sure you have some questions, so check out these FAQs.

Partners & Sponsors

HomeWarming is offered by Efficiency Nova Scotia and Clean Foundation as part of a broad, province-wide initiative to provide energy efficiency upgrades to income-qualified homeowners. HomeWarming is proudly sponsored by Nova Scotia Power and the Province of Nova Scotia. You can also visit EnergyAssist to learn about other free programs available in Nova Scotia to help you save money on heating and energy.

Starting in 2015, Nova Scotia Power is funding $37 million over 10 years for low-income energy efficiency targeted at electrically heated homes, with the work delivered by Clean Foundation. This charitable contribution from Nova Scotia Power will not be recovered from energy ratepayers. The Province of Nova Scotia invests approximately $14 million a year to fund low-income energy efficiency programs for non-electrically heated homes. This work is delivered by Efficiency Nova Scotia.

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You can speak confidentially with a Service Advisor about your eligibility by calling HomeWarming at 1-877-434-2136 (toll free) or by filling in the form below. Intake will be completed by Efficiency Nova Scotia to provide an easy process for all applicants.


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If your community group or association would like to learn more about HomeWarming, please email us at info@homewarming.ca to set up a presentation.


If you are a reporter and would like to speak to HomeWarming, please email us at media@homewarming.ca

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